Autumn in January

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Living in the North East of England, in winter, isn't the most convenient when you want to snap your outfits... Freezing cold weather and that awful rain that makes your hair go wavy aside, it was a bit of a laugh to shoot this latest ensemble.

My lovely friend, Kate, from university, asked if I would shoot some images for her blog - so naturally, I asked the same in return. I feel so at ease when she takes my photograph; we would often team up to produce our own photo shoots for our university's magazine, Spark, or for modules; it was always so much fun and we both miss it massively.

Kate is usually the one who models for our photo shoots - I'm most comfortable behind the camera and styling the outfits, so it was rather weird being in front of it. We shot these near the Quayside in Newcastle upon Tyne, a great urban area that's getting more and more popular with cafes, museums and music venues.

Predicting the weather is something I fall short of all the time, so this outfit definitely wasn't practical in the slightest for the standard January day, but style has always come before comfort and sensibility in my book, as I'm sure it does with a lot of others, too. I might always get called the 'nana' in the group because I'm hardly ever without hand cream, tissues and mints in my bag, but I can still brave the cold, no?

This outfit is definitely geared towards autumn, I know. Oranges, greens and reds work for me so I'm usually spotted in these shades - despite trying to step out of my comfort zone when I can. I'm not dreaming of fall at all with this outfit - if anything I want sunshine and pretty tea dresses right now - it's just one of my favourites to wear.

I'm rarely seen without a turtleneck top; they're practically an extra layer of skin. I have one in almost every colour, two in different shades of green, thick, thin, striped... It's borderline obsession. If you don't own one, buy one! To be honest though, who doesn't own at least one simple black turtleneck these days? Even my boyfriend wears them...

So, despite it being the end of January and another month of winter is ahead of us, you'll still see me wearing impractical clothes... At least I'm not wearing my miniskirts without tights and baring skin just yet. I'll save that for when England gets its one day of summer for the year...

What I'm wearing: Turtleneck by Topshop, dress by Glamorous, reversible coat by H&M, boots by Zara, bag by Topshop and vintage jewellery.

Rebecca x

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