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Sunday, 8 January 2017

I'm probably one of the most awkward people in Sunderland when it comes to getting my photo taken. I apologise but my personal style photos will basically look like outtakes until I become a little more confident and can actually pose like a normal human being...

My boyfriend, Jack, is the poor soul who puts up with my ways and shoots the photos for these fashion posts. "Loosen your shoulders a little!" or: "Try not to look too scared, Becca..." are common phrases I hear again and again, but hey, I'm just an amateur at this right now.

Moving swiftly on… You probably noticed leopard print coats were everywhere in 2016. Love them or loathe them, I’m going to be wearing this one off my back throughout the new year.

A few years ago, I was in Team Loathe for anything leopard print. The amazing School of Rock quote: "you're tacky and I hate you" just summed up the relationship. Fast-forward to the present and, although I still find the print can look cheap in many circumstances, it has grown on me immensely. The coat I'm wearing here is from New Look, a retailer I rarely shop at - so I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email from the brand advertising the item in all its glory.

I remember seeing it in the Eldon Square store shortly after - it was literally a love-at-first-try-on moment, but trying to save money is what I've been doing for a couple months now so I knew I couldn't splash out £50 on a piece of clothing. However, my birthday came around and the coat was one of the wonderful presents I was surprised with. I’ve practically slept in it since.

If you're wondering why I've clashed a few prints and colours together, the answer is because I love mixing things that wouldn't necessarily go together. A lot of my personal style, inspired by the 1960s, trends, bloggers, involves this. You can guarantee to find a lot of it on this blog in the future - hopefully!

But don't get me wrong, because I love the minimal side of fashion - like these star and lightning bolt earrings pictured below. They were an absolute bargain, bought for £3 in the Topshop sales. Gold jewellery is my weakness. One of my friends, Emily, who I graduated with in fashion journalism, commented on how she was so proud of me for "reppin' 2009" a few weeks back with them... Personally, I wanted to bring out my inner Bowie but that obviously didn't go to plan.

What I'm wearing: Leopard print coat by New Look, black and white dress by Topshop (black slip underneath for dignity by Primark), heeled shoes by Zara, mustard shoulder bag by Marks & Spencer, '2009' earrings by Topshop, tartan scarf by Edinburgh Woollen Mill.


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