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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Writing about fashion is one of my favourite things to do, styling others is so much fun and managing my own photo shoots and seeing them in magazines and online has always been a big achievement for me - but when it comes to my own personal style and how I look in front of the camera, I literally shy away from the idea.

Throughout school, college and beyond I've received many compliments for my personal style - and many weird remarks in return, and they always stick with you the most. I live in a rather judging area, a place where it's more common to wear pyjamas to drop your kids off at school than wear the latest trends. A place where I get stared at because I dress differently. Why can't people just accept another's style and get over it?

One of my best friends, Megan, sent me a Snapchat of her with pointed metallic shoes and a lavender tulle skirt on, she apparently received many unreasonable stares in Aldi - but why? Why shouldn't my friend, and everyone else in the world, be allowed to wear what the hell she wants?

I like mixing prints, being bold with colours and textures and yet, I'm not at the level I want to be with my confidence and style. I look at bloggers like Megan Ellaby and journalists like Pandora Sykes who have the most insane personal style and they say they're scoffed from time to time, too - but the difference is that they don't give two damns.

I was originally wearing dusty pink shoes with this outfit, then I changed my mind and stuck to my trusty black. I hate the thoughts inside my own mind sometimes telling me I don't look OK, but I know everyone gets them. If it were up to me, I would be wearing my so-called 'beehive' in these photos so high The Supremes would be proud, my heels would be higher and brighter, my hair would have a bow in it, my earrings would be larger than life...

Nobody's stopping me from writing these posts, nobody's stopping me from wearing the prints I love. I always think to myself that if I'm so obsessed over the 1960s, then why can't I have the time's rebellious nature in how I dress myself? Yes, some are going to judge me but most people are completely with me.

I think you've just got to stop caring about the negativity, does it make you happy? Then do it. Were you really born to be a sheep? Baa-t shit.

Roll with it, own it, do whatever you want with it. Fashion is what I love, and if I can't talk about it here, where can I? I love personal style posts, and if these kind of posts make me feel a little more confident then I'll write them. I love this outfit, and if just one person feels inspired by it to get something similar, then I'll be one very happy, (slightly more) confident person indeed.

Dress: Topshop (similar here)

Bag: Topshop (similar here)

Shoes: Zara (similar here)

Earrings: ASOS (similar here)

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