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Sunday, 30 April 2017

So as of tomorrow, four months of the year will have well and truly whizzed past, and in all honesty, it's been a decent one so far. A whole bloody quarter of the year has gone by and, touch wood, I am feeling OK about it...

From January to April, I can say that, despite there being a few hiccups, things have been good. I've seen my all-time favourite film, Beauty and the Beast come to life and, oh my word, it was incredible and I ugly-cried. I've been to a wedding which I also cried at because I'm an emotional mess these days. I celebrated my brother's 18th in February, dyed my hair a new dark reddish-brown kind of shade (it's amazing how a simple change can make you feel better), and got asked to be a bridesmaid for my oldest friend who's getting married in a couple of years!

Although I've still not got a permanent, full-time job in the career I want, at least I can say I'm still getting the relevant experience I need in temporary positions. At the beginning of the year, I took on Sunderland University's graduate scheme, allowing me to get paid a proper wage on a three-month internship - the position was sort of like a social media marketing intern kind of thing, which definitely isn't my strong point still but I'm so happy I got to learn something new and work with some of the funniest, nicest people I've ever met.

That ended in March, and because I still don't have much luck when it comes to permanent positions, I was starting to get a little freaked out at the thought of my next move. I always say to myself that, despite disagreeing with internships that help people get the experience but exploit them with no pay - I mean, how are you supposed to live - I will always try and get them without heading into a career path that isn't relevant to me in the slightest.

However, luckily another temporary, but well paid, position came up at my university. The job spec involved managing and editing journalistic content across three fashion, news and entertainment platforms - ones I used to contribute towards when I was a Fashion Journalism student - and woohoo, I got the job!

I started on April 24, and it's fixed until June 9 so I get to help cover the General Election and I'm excited about that despite it giving most of the country a nervous disposition. Who knows what the next move will be - I just hope it's related to the journalistic field I want to forever delve into.

In terms of more personal things, my boyfriend Jack and I booked up to go to Amsterdam in July and I can't wait to hopefully hop on a bike and visit the Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank House and, naturally, the Red Light District...

We've also bought tickets to see The Cribs and booked a small trip to London to see Mac Demarco in May. Speaking of music, we both really want to go to Leeds Festival this year and are booking tickets soon - I've never experienced a festival in my life so, although it's probably not the most ideal one to start with, why not? Tips on festival fashion packing would be thoroughly appreciated.

Happy Bank Holiday!

Rebecca x
Blouse: Topshop (similar here)

Skirt: Topshop (similar here)

Shoes: ASOS (similar here)

Bag: Biba at House of Fraser (similar here)

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